When you are looking for a better Internet hosting service and would like to change your hosting provider, you'll have to migrate the site content to the web servers of the new business. While this might be carried out without difficulty for a modest HTML site, it may be more challenging to transfer a script-driven Internet site, which uses a database, not to mention if you have several websites. You'll have to migrate a large number of files, databases and emails, not mentioning that you shall have to import everything on the new hosting server and adjust numerous system settings so that you can get the sites online on the new Internet hosting platform. To save you the time and the effort to migrate your content, we provide a free Internet site migration service, so depending on the type of web hosting and the specific plan which you pick, our tech support can relocate even multiple Internet sites for you, making sure that the way they look and function shall be indistinguishable.

Assisted Website Migration in Hosting

The service is available with every hosting plan that we provide, so once your new account is operational, you may contact us to arrange the migration process. Our professional tech support team can move even a number of sites depending on the particular plan that you've signed up for and will check out each of them on our end to make certain that everything runs faultlessly once you point your domain name to our state-of-the-art cloud hosting platform. This way, you won't see any downtime of your sites because the exact same content shall show up whenever the new domain name servers propagate. We can easily move any kind of site, including a custom-built one, so long as it runs on a Linux-powered web server and it's not built via a closed-source platform such as Wix or Weebly since we cannot access the actual site files. The whole migration procedure is normally executed within 24-48 hours and we'll let you know the minute we are done.